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FRIENDS - cards for friends and acquaintances (ENG)

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We believe that communication is the basis for building good relationships. Asking relevant questions helps us to get to know our friends and acquaintances even better. Talk2.ME FRIENDS is a game that will entertain you and let you bond with your friends and acquaintances. 



The game is for 2 to 10 players - friends and acquaintances, or people who have just met, e.g. at a house-warming party. Those carefully designed questions and tasks will create a space for you where you can communicate honestly and get to know each other better.



The rule of the game is to take turns asking each other questions, give honest answers and listen actively. It consists of 90 questions and 10 tasks. Different variants of the game are possible, engaging either individual players or the whole group. There are no points and no wins here. You are all winners of the game, and your award is the high-quality time spent together.



Talk2.ME FRIENDS will help you to get to know each other better. Asking relevant questions will let you bring up both funny and serious subjects, and maybe even those you have never discussed before. You can play the Talk2.ME game at a party, at a coffee break with your friends, while traveling or at a bachelor(ette) party - every occasion is good for it.



Talk2.ME FRIENDS will be a wonderful gift idea for a birthday or Christmas. Each occasion is ideal to offer our game. It’s a great present for a (close) friend or a person that you have just met. It’s a card game for teenagers (16+) and adults of any age.



  • 55 cards
  • 90 questions and 10 tasks
  • 2 cards with lifesavers (Time and Stop)
  • elegant box made of bookbinding cardboard, closed with a magnet, covered in a satin foil (seems like leather to the touch)
  • instruction


Printed in Europe

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